Favorite Things

Does the above title bring to mind a certain song from The Sound of Music? Sorry, I’m one of those people who breaks into song when moments preempt such things. But when discussing my favorite things, there has to be a certain amount of joy in the discussing of them, or they wouldn’t be worth mentioning.

For example, let’s talk seasons. Summer is my all-time favorite. I sit inside my home today wearing a sweater, lamenting the fact that it was 82° yesterday and now it’s 65°, and that my toes are cold. My bare toes. My I-need-some-socks toes. Summer, where art thou?!

How could I possibly be so ungrateful? Each season has its own glory, its own trials, and like the finicky human I am, when summer arrives I shall lament the sweat that pours off of me, the car seat that scalds me, and the fact that I can no longer wear slimming black clothing, else I’ll be scorched like a tourist on vacation in… well… right here in Georgia.

Gratitude is one of the greatest blessings. The demonstration of it reveals that I’ve received much, and that I have the ability to recognize it. I’m the receiver of many wonderful gifts, mental faculties (squirrel-y as they are) being among the greatest.

My precious grandson

My Favorite Things…

I’m grateful for family and friends and for the support of those who love me. I’m thankful for the guidance and wisdom of my parents, for the gift of motherhood, and the inconceivable joy of being a grandmother. For laughter and comfort, for my home, for holidays… for prayer and support when times of sorrow come. Above all, I’m thankful for peace with God.

My swamp hibiscus

What are Your Favorites?

Tell me what brings you utmost joy! I’d love to hear about it.

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