Waiting For Lily BloomJamJa

James Bloom has prayed three years for rain and five years for a wife. His dreams are demolished on Palm Sunday, 1935, when a catastrophic dust storm hits Oklahoma, and his neighbor’s niece has to ride out the storm at his house overnight. The next day, he’s forced to marry her, an East coast city girl who can’t speak. Could this be God’s plan?
Condemned to marry to a stranger in the dusty Oklahoma wasteland, Lily Driggers longs for her home. Yet somehow, her new husband is the only one who understands her silence.
As Easter approaches, Lily and James wonder if there is hope after the storm.

Borne by Love

After spending the first six years of her life in foster care, Atlanta high school teacher Kadence McCleod is grateful for her adopted, elderly parents and plans to repay them with the money she’ll earn as a surrogate mother. But at 22 weeks, Kady’s sonogram reveals a defect in the unborn baby. Though it’s correctable, the biological parents want perfection, and demand the termination of the pregnancy. When Kady objects, the parents issue a chilling threat. Terrified, Kady runs to her secluded family refuge—which has a new owner, reclusive veteran Creed Walker. Dependent on the kindness of the handsome stranger, Kady keeps her pregnancy to herself. But she’s not the only one with secrets… Creed has helped people in need before and lived to regret it. He’s learned the hard way that a pretty face can be deceptive. It’s clear that his new, live-in maid is in trouble, but to what extent? If Creed and Kady can’t learn to trust, how will they ever save the baby Kady has grown to love?

Some wounds inflict unimaginable pain…
Five years after losing her husband in Afghanistan, Commander Stacie Doster pours her life into her career. A Navy Mental Health Specialist, Stacie cares for wounded warriors upon their return to the United States.
Master Gunnery Sergeant Ross Wheeler was a tactical genius on the field, but his acerbic personality is unacceptable in the civilian world to which he must grudgingly return. Injured in action, Ross welcomes the physical challenges of his recuperation, but rejects the holistic concentration that Stacie employs.
Some risks are worth taking…
With his discharge imminent, Ross knows that his desire to stay in the Corps is as elusive as a shot with a certain Navy Commander. Though Stacie resists his advances, he refuses to retreat… especially when an unknown enemy threatens her safety.
Stacie is thrilled that Ross is finally making progress in therapy. But somehow he’s confused their professional relationship with a personal one–while she’s grown dependent on his protection. She knows better than to fall for a patient, and certainly not for another Marine.
Fending off an attacker is one thing, but averting Ross’s affection is paramount. Because there’s no way Stacie can allow another man access to her heart.

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