Sarah’s Choice by Pegg Thomas

Sarah Feight has her life planned with a loving husband, a promising new settlement, and big dreams to shape the future of trade on Pennsylvania’s frontier. An Indian attack at dawn changes everything. When he pulls his freight wagons into Fort Pitt, Leith McCully never dreams he’ll be conscripted into the militia and ordered toContinue reading “Sarah’s Choice by Pegg Thomas”

Book Three in Robin Patchen’s Coventry Saga!

If you enjoyed Glimmer in the Darkness and Tides of Duplicity from author Robin Patchen, you won’t want to miss the third installment in the Coventry saga, Betrayal of Genius! From a USA Today bestselling author comes book three in the addictive Coventry Saga. Her invention could save thousands of lives…if she can survive longContinue reading “Book Three in Robin Patchen’s Coventry Saga!”

Mystery and Suspense from Author Robin Patchen!

Robin Patchen turns out one amazing book after another. In her latest book in the Coventry Saga series, Tides of Duplicity, a jewelry heist and the abduction of a family member threaten the chance at new-found love. You can get Tides of Duplicity at Amazon or other e-book stores. And if you loved the firstContinue reading “Mystery and Suspense from Author Robin Patchen!”

Freeing Ellie: Author Chat with Joan Deneve

JK: Today I’m thrilled to bring you another interview with Author Joan Deneve. Thank you for joining us, Joan! Tell us what’s new since Saving Eric. JD: Hello, Jericha. Great to be with you again! Eric and Ellie’s story continues in my new novel Freeing Ellie. JK: Eric and Ellie… together at last! What are some ofContinue reading “Freeing Ellie: Author Chat with Joan Deneve”

Authors & Animals with Kelly Klepfer

Writing – they say – is a solitary occupation. But is it really? Let’s visit with author Kelly Klepfer and ask her about her constant companions. JK: Welcome, Kelly! Introduce us to the Beagles you’re sharing with us today. KK: Sweet mercy. You are giving me carte blanche to blab about my babies. Gertrude andContinue reading “Authors & Animals with Kelly Klepfer”

Interview with Author Tracie Peterson

Welcome, Friends! Each day is a blessing, but today we’re truly blessed to connect with Tracie Peterson. Tracie is the best-selling, award winning author of over 100 books. Her work in historical romance garnered her the Best Western Romance Author of 2013 by True West Magazine. She was given the Life Time Achievement Award from AmericanContinue reading “Interview with Author Tracie Peterson”

A Visit with Author Pegg Thomas

Christian Fiction. Because we’re in the world, not of it. Welcome! I’m Jericha Kingston, and I’m delighted to host author Pegg Thomas on our maiden blog voyage. Her latest release, In Sheep’s Clothing, is now available and you don’t want to miss it. Take it away, Pegg! It’s wonderful to be Jericha’s first guest blogger! I’ve been writing buddiesContinue reading “A Visit with Author Pegg Thomas”